Church News March 19
Hey Church
Please read this carefully so you will know what is going on. As you know by now pretty much every place where people gather has been shut down. As of Monday that included churches. With that here's what you need to know.
There will be NO service at our church. That includes both the morning and evening Worship Service. No Wednesday night Prayer Meet, No Alliance Women, no youth group. No meetings.
So in order to be a church this Sunday morning and every Sunday until we are allowed to have service again, we will be do a worship service on Facebook Live. Your saying "what is that?" I know because that exactly what I said. Basically, at 10:00am on Sunday morning Chris Luzier and I will be do a worship service with music, prayer, Scripture reading, announcements and a sermon. Josh Sykes will be recording it and it will be live on the church Facebook Page. To get there click this link I am not sure yet how to get to the "Live" part but I will learn and send you another email.
After the Sunday live event that video of the worship service will be on both Facebook and our church website (click here That way if you miss the 10:00am live version you can watch it any time you choose on either Facebook or the website.
I know this is difficult. If we are going to stay connected as a church we are all going to have to learn some new technology. I'm asking that give this a try. I met with the Governing Board yesterday evening and I can tell you that they are very concerned with doing all that we can to stay connected and take care of each other.
Please check out the church website ( ) and if you use a smart phone download the church app. You can get the Google version here ( and the iPhone version here ( Having this app or going to the website will help you to know what going on at church and to listen or watch the Sunday services. 
As you know, just because we can't meet on Sunday morning that that does not slow down the bill the church has to pay. So, I am asking you to be faithful with your tithes and offering. There are several ways to do that. Believe me when I say that giving using the website or the app is easier then you might think. I'm not going to explain all in this email but if you go to the website or the app you will be able to figure it out. You can also mail in your tithes and offerings (45 Alliance Road Clearfield, PA 16830) or drop it off.
Ed and I will still be in the office as normal. Ed will be here Monday - Thursday. He gets here about 9:00am and goes home at about 1:00pm. I will be here Tuesday - Friday. I get in at 9:00am and generally stay till sometime around 3:00 or 4:00pm. Don't hesitate to drop by to see what going on or to pray with me, or just to talk and catch up.
As a test of this whole Facebook Live thing I am going live tomorrow (Friday) at 10:00am. So, if you want to try it out before Sunday here's your chance. Here's what you need to do. Go to the church Facebook page ( and "Like" us. You do that by clicking the link on the right side of the screen with the thumbs up icon and the word "Like". Then go to the church Facebook Page at 10:00am Friday and look for something to click that says "Live". As you can tell I am not very sure how this works, but we will figure it out together. By the way if anyone reading this email know more about this please get a hold of me and tell me how it works.
Finally I need to let you know that Marie Green's memorial service, that we scheduled for this Saturday, has been cancelled.
Friends, Sue and I love you all and we, along with the Elders, will be working hard to stay connected with you. Emails like this one, the Prayer Chain, the website and the church app will be essential. Remember, God is still on the thrown and with His help and by His grace we will get through this.
HIS & Yours!
             Pastor Bob Goldenberg