Church News May 13
Hello Church,
Praise God the son is shining and although it's not warm, it's also not terribly cold. Perhaps summer is actually on the way. I wanted to remind you that tonight, Wednesday, May 13 at 6pm I will be doing a Q&A on Facebook Live. I look forward to the virtual connection with you all.
Four small groups have begun or will be beginning soon to meet at church. The Alliance Women and the Refresh Youth Group will be meeting on Sunday evening. Also the Vreeland (I don't know if there's a better name) small group will be having a leadership planning meeting tonight. The Cindy McBride group (is that the same as the Vreelands?) will beginning meeting on Thursday, May 21 at 6pm in the Chapel. And I think the Soul Care group is also meeting or planning to meet. But I do not know when or where. 
Slowly, slowly we are starting to ease towards normalcy. I am sorry but I have no idea when the full church can start meeting again. Until then we'll keep doing Facebook Live.
Tonight, 6pm on Facebook Live for the Q&A. I love and miss you all so very much.
Be blessed.
HIS & Yours!
             Pastor Bob Goldenberg
Clearfield Alliance Church