Church News: May 23


Good morning Church,
Did you catch the new Facebook Live Bible Study? Last Wednesday I started a study in the Minor Prophets. I started with Hosea. If you missed you can still watch it, click this link,
Last Sunday I preached Part 1 of a sermon from Romans 6:1-11. I will preach Part 2 this Sunday so be sure to join us on the church Facebook Page ( If you missed Part 1 you can watch it here ( and then you'll be ready for this Sunday.
The new camera has been ordered. It won't be up and running this Sunday but it should be by May 31.  I believe that when the new camera is up and running you will be very blessed at the upgrade in the quality of both the picture and the sound. 
I'm hearing that PA may be close to opening churches. Small church are already meeting. CLEARFIALD ALLIANCE CHURCH WILL NOT OPEN until a few things happen. 1) The governor says it's okay. 2) The Governing Board says it is okay. And 3) we are clean, sanitized and figure out things like social distancing, face masks and other safety issues. Also, please not that I am not sure when the children's ministries will start up. It's a lot hard to make things like social distancing and face masks work with kids.
When we do start up it will most likely be just one service. We'll add more services as time goes by and the pandemic dies down.
I know this has not been easy. I can't wait to worship in the same room with you. I long to look out over our pews and see YOU! Until then stay safe and tune in tomorrow at 10am for you Facebook Live Worship Service.
HIS & Yours!
             Pastor Bob Goldenberg