Church News: June 1: Reopening!

Dear Church Family,

It has been a long, sometimes painful, ordeal. But God in His faithfulness is bringing it to an end. It is not quite over yet, but it does seem to be winding down. And as the pandemic winds down, the time has come to begin reopening the church. I am sure that you, like me, will be glad to gather again in the House of the Lord.

On Sunday, June 7, at 10:00am we will reopen the church for our worship service. At the same time we will continue to do Facebook Live Worship Service.

We will take some safety precautions; we will close off every-other pew to make social distancing easier. We are asking that you wear a face mask at least while you are entering and exiting. And we will be removing the hymnals and Bibles from the pews and, at least for now, we will not be printing a bulletin.

One of the hardest decisions that the Governing Board had to make was to wait until this pandemic has passed before we reopen Children’s Ministries. The nursery and Adult Sunday School will also have to wait. The shuttle and bus ministries will not be relaunched until we no longer need to social distance or wear a face mask.

Two other dates I am blessed to give at this time. The Wednesday Night Bible Study will restart on June 17. It will be at 7:00pm but the location will change to the sanctuary. I am combining the in-person Bible Study with the Facebook Live Bible Study.

The Sunday Evening Worship Service will restart on June 28 at 6:00pm.

So, here are the dates

  • Sunday, June 7 join us for worship at 10:00am. This service will also be broadcast on Facebook Live
  • Wednesday, June 17 the Bible Study will happen in the sanctuary and on Facebook Live. That will be at 7:00pm.
  •  June 28 we will restart the Sunday Evening Service at 6:00pm

Of course, we want to do all that we can to keep our church family safe. So, while you are at church please refrain from touching, handshakes and gathering in groups. And please, wear a facemask while entering and exiting the building.

WE ARE GOING TO SHARE COMMUNION ON JUNE 7. We have purchased some all-in-one communion cups that are prefilled with grape juice and a wafer. Let me add that if you are not ready to return to church on June 7, please have some juice and a piece of bread, cracker or matzah ready so you can share communion with the rest of the church.

One final invite. We are going to gather to prepare the church and pray on Saturday, June 6. Anyone who would like can join us at 5:00pm to doing some last-minute cleaning and setting up for Sunday. Then at 6:00pm as we pray for God’s Holy Spirit to fill our church building. We will pray for His blessing and His grace as we begin to come back together,

Finally, if you are not ready to come back to church yet, I understand. Please stay safe and healthy. Come back when it is the right time for you. We will continue to broadcast the Facebook Live Worship Service and the Wednesday evening Bible Study.

In Him, I am your humble servant,         

                Pastor Bob


       Pastor Bob